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Tangut USA is dedicated to improve lives by delivering all natural health and beauty products that are plant-based, clinically proven and supported by research & science. We own a 10,000 acre farm in Tibet where we grow all our plants and every Tangut USA product is manufactured in the USA under stringent quality guidelines. We do hold the USDA, EU and JAS organic certifications. For questions, please feel free to contact us through Social Media, phone, email or visit us at our head quarter in Irvine, CA.
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(Vitamin Retailer, October 2013)

As we age, we experience cognitive decline. This is a normal, inevitable part of our lives. However, memory loss is not entirely unavoidable. Our lifestyle, eating habits, and daily activities greatly impact the health of our brain.

What are some of the newest ingredients to improve brain health? 

Tangut USA’s Memory Fortifier contains an innovative blend of the top three natural ingredients for brain health. The product was featured in Vitamin Retailer’s October 2013 issue for its unique blend of Cistanche, Ginkgo and Goji.

Click here to view the October 2013 issue!


Current products on the market focus mainly on ingredients that are beneficial for short-term memory such as Ginkgo. Memory Fortifier, on the other hand, also contains Cistanche and Goji. These ingredients have been shown to provide long-term benefits for memory and act as excellent brain food. As result, the product is a more complete and balanced formula for memory and brain health. 

Have a great memory! :)

Tangut USA Team

Goji and Sea Buckthorn berry are 2 of the 9 “Best Berries for Your Health”, according to an article of Huffington Post.              

Indeed, they’re “the ultimate anti-aging superfood,” says registered dietitian Lauri Boone in her new book, “Powerful Plant-Based Super Foods.” “They top the charts with their high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals to keep your brain young, skin glowing, and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.” 


Tangut USA grows these berries organically on its wholly-owned farm in pollution-free Tibet. 

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Berry Antioxidant Power!

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Still lacking a vacation plan? Plan your visit to mysterious Tibet, the purest place on the planet! Tibet’s geography is very diverse creating a unique environment for over 13,000 plant species. With strong wind whipping through the landscape, Tibet’s climate is severely dry with little humidity. During the summer months, it is almost unbearably hot, while in the winter it is usually quite the opposite.  It is always the travelers’ choice of when to visit Tibet but the most popular months are between April and November.

Different regions of Tibet


Lhasa (Capital)

3650 m (11,975 ft.)
Best time to visit: All Year Round
Must see: Potala Palace/Bakhor Street


3835 m (12,582 ft.)
Best time: From June to October
Must see: Magnificent grassland/ Mt. Everest


4500 m (14,764 ft.)
Best time: From April to September
Must see: Mt.Kailash/Guge Kingdom/Mapam Yumco Lake


3600 m (11,811 ft.)
Best time: All Year Round
Must see: Samye Monastery /Yamdrok Yumtso Lake/Trandruk Monastery

Important things to bring 

Medicine: Diamox (To reduce the incidence of Acute Mountain Sickness )
Clothes: Long sleeves and pants are recommended to prevent sunburn, jacket and comfortable walking shoes.
Moisture and Sun scream: Severely dry climate in Tibet.
Flashlight: Electricity may be limited to certain hours so bring a flashlight/torch.

More Information

Tibet Sites:
Explore Tibet:

Stay tuned for more Tibet cultural insights!
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The following graphic provided by SPINS data shows the increase in the “organic” category. More and more consumers are aware of the USDA seal and look for labels on the products they buy. What does USDA stand for?  

(Source: SPINS data

While salmon in the seas across the world breathe a salty sigh of relief, chia plants quake in fear. Plant-based omega-3 production value is forecasted to grow twice as quickly as marine omega-3s during the next five years, according to a new analysis. The report, noted on, was published by research company Amadee+Company.

Omega-3 products are worth more than $4.5 billion at the producer level and almost $32 billion in retail sales, according to the report. The company forecasts omega-3 production to grow more than 15 percent annually from 2013 to 2018.

Consumers are moving away from animal-based products and toward plant products that contain omega 3s, like flaxseed and chia seeds. The chia market remains small, but “continues to grow rapidly” though the crop will likely be scarce for the next three years as growers learn more of the crop. Apparently, knowledge gleaned during the 1970s about how to grow the plants into Scooby Doo and Jimmy Carter shapes is not terribly helpful.

Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to promote heart health, improve prenatal health, reduce inflammation, cognitive aging and developmental disorders. The most widely available marine sources of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) include cold water, oily fish, krill and algae.

The article concludes: “With the growing bevy of clinical support, omega-3 ingredients are holding steady as key players in the functional food marketplace.”

(Source: Newhope360,

Stakie’s New March 2013 Product Show part 2 (by ClarksNutrition)

Organic is the way to go. How to be completely sure that you are going pollution-free, all natural and organic? Plant your vegetables yourself!

Are you a healthy food eater looking for more entertaining and economical ways for your diet? Or a “Gardenphile” with limited outdoor space and unsuitable growing conditions, but would like to plant your own vegetables? Why not start the seeds indoors today, growing vegetables in pots to start your own little farm? Potted vegetable plants thrive on patios or in the image backyard as long as the plants receive sufficient sunlight. The small potted farm provides fresh pollution-free vegetables, organically grown and it’s easy to maintain. 

First, prepare the following item: You will need a container- A 5-gallon container is large enough to grow most vegetables.                 

Second, follow the 8 steps by How to grow potted vegetable plants.

Have a good Gardening Day!

Your Tangut USA Team

Better Nutrition Magazine chooses Tangut Sea Berry Essence as “Sea Buckthorn Supplement We Like” - Congratulations! The 75th anniversary issue of the health and natural living focused publication highlights 75 super supplements. One of them: Tangut USA Sea Berry Essence. 


Sea Berry, also know as Sea Buckthorn or Hippophae, is one of the nutrient richest and most abundant fruits in the world. The tiny berries offer over 190 nutrients and promote numerous health benefits such as healthy skin, cardiovascular support, immunity and energy boost. 

Better Nutrition Magazine highlights Sea Buckthorn as one of 75 Super Supplements that they chose for their 75th anniversary issue. 

Tangut USA Sea Berries are shown on page 46 of the current August 2013 issue, grown and harvested in the Tibetan Plateau.

Sales in the organic category are growing rapidly, the natural product industry sees a consistent growth over the past years. Yet-  many consumers are still confused about the USDA label. The word “organic” is mistakenly confused with “natural” as many consumers still think that “natural” requires a third party certification - others are even skeptical of the meaning of both terms according to information from natural product retailers. 

Forbes highlights the results of a survey conducted by NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) in a recent article, which revealed that only 33 percent of the general population recognize and understand the USDA Organic seal. 

In general the USDA Organic seal stands for the quality and integrity of organic products. It is short for United States Department of Agriculture( USDA) and assures the consumer that the food has been produced and/or grown through approved methods. This is meant to prevent synthetic fertilizers or genetically engineered food, which could cause health problems to the consumer.

There are organic products that are safe and clean without the USDA label. However, the label assures the consumer that this product has been approved under stringent quality standards. 

The best method to personally approve the quality of products can be to find out more about the source and the origin of ingredients. A company’s transparency about the source of their products can create trust and credibility for their consumers.

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Thanks to Energy Times for featuring our award-winning Sea Berry Essence product in their Natural Market section the Shopper’s Guide to New Products. We appreciate the consideration of the high quality Sea Buckthorn supplement, USDA certified organic and made of Sea Buckthorn grown on our own 10,000 acre farm in pollution-free Tibet. Energy Times understands the quality of organic ingredients and the importance of transparency about the source where they come from.

The Tibetan Plateau is considered the purest source in the world.

For more information please see the July/ August 2013 issue of Energy Time, also featuring Alanis Morissette. 

Have a wonderful start in the new week!

Your Tangut USA Team